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What to expect when your expecting(2012)

| DramaRomance2012
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Challenges of impending parenthood turn the lives of five couples upside down. Two celebrities are unprepared for the surprise demands of pregnancy; hormones wreak havoc on a baby-crazy author, while her husband tries not to be outdone by his father, who's expecting twins with his young trophy wife; a photographer's husband isn't sure about his wife's adoption plans; a one-time hook-up results in a surprise pregnancy for rival food-truck owners.

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I got out of this exactly what I was expecting going in so in that respect I wasn't disappointed. This is an ensemble rom-com, filled with familiar Hollywood faces (to distract from the lack of substance I guess), like 'Valentines' Day or 'New Years Eve' except everybody has baby on the brain here. Its a total chick flick with a few laughs, some drama and I didn't have to think too hard.Based on a book (which they seem to have forgotten about) this follows the lives of five loosely interconnected couples; a fitness guru (Cameron Diaz), an infant advice author (Elizabeth Banks), a food truck owner (Anna Kendrick) a photographer (Jennifer Lopez) and a trophy wife (Brooklyn Decker) along with their partners who try to provide support as they face the surprise demands of pregnancy.Anna Kendrick was very good and I also enjoyed the Elizabeth Banks storyline. Dennis Quaid plays a competitive alpha dad.We also have a dads support group "Dudes" led by Chris Rock which is meant to be funny but is mostly cliché and just not, although I did enjoy the (unnecessary) drop ins from a shirtless Joe Manganiello. Wasn't there a short lived TV show with this same plot line? 

There's a scene at the beginning of What to Expect When You're Expecting of a woman sitting on the sofa watching a (I assume fictional) reality TV programme 'Celebrity Dance Off' (or something - it's basically like America's Strictly Come Dancing). Her husband sits down next to her and asks her what she's watching. When she tells him, he just gets up and walks off.That scene is a good metaphor for the rest of the film.I read someone else's (probably a man) appraisal of it and he said that it was 'The Chickiest Chick-flick that ever flicked.' I would have to agree.I'm afraid to say that this review is based only on the first 32 minutes as that was all I could stand. I initially only watched it because Cameron Diaz was in it and she's normally good in comedies (even rom-coms). However, the film is actually about five different couples, all experiencing pregnancy from different angles. Cameron Diaz is her usual kooky self, but she's not in it enough to make it worth my while.Basically, this film is for women only (please don't hit me). It just wasn't for me.Guys, seriously, put something with Jason Statham on instead. This film may put you off having children for the rest of your life.

Mary Herrick:
This movie was exactly what it was titled. "what to expect when you're expecting" really delves into the pregnancy pedantic and shows all the scares and thrills about being pregnant. Miscarriages, risks in giving birth, the troubles and scares of adopting, and the unexpected. most of what could go wrong, did. although I would have liked to see them go into detail on the miscarriage as it causes the most emotional turmoil and often leads to depression. it would have been great if they emphasized on a message instead of a love story.I think Wendy would most likely resemble nearly every women in pregnancy. That whole illusion of pregnancy glow is all an exaggeration. Women don't become more beautiful or glamorous when they get pregnant, the hard reality is women get fat, stretch marks, cankles, an uncontrollable bladder and the worst morning sickness. I think that's why they showed her story line the most. but then, why would they add in Sklyer? A perfect pregnant woman that fits the image of that exact glow? because there are those who do become more beautiful and glamorous, have the most wonderful time during pregnancy and the script writers didn't want to leave that out, because after all it is a show about what to expect when you're expecting.

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