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January. 01,2006
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Three Girls. One Summer. No Limit. Three beautiful and brilliant college students, Brooke (Lacey Toups), Elle (Christina Morris), and Pieti (Sheena Chou) find a lucrative way to put their mathematical skills to the test: high-stakes poker.

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I never got to see this movie fully thank God, but i did catch big chunks of it on TV, and I have to say this is awful, absolutely gutting! The setting, music, acting and script all seem to be indicative of soft porn but somehow it isn't, and worst of all they always make porn references. The closest to porn is probably the hotel room incident with the blonde girl, but even that is weird.The girls are gorgeous make no mistake, and I still think that they had failed porn careers (alongside the producer) then changed their names and wanted to go legit (since my searches didn't show much)! However, this movie is HIGHLY unrecommended even to the poker die hards! Bottom line, you are better off without this junk, go play poker or watch a soft porn flick instead!


Imagine Rounders, take out the good acting and plot, take out the reasonably accurate rendition of poker, and add three women who look good, but can't act. That's about it.Three girls figure out a way to cheat at poker, but then one of them decides they should learn to beat the game straight. So in a matter of weeks she learns to become a world class poker player.The movie is a complete joke. The poker scenes are completely unbelievable. Half the time they are playing high stakes poker with the kind of chips that they sell in sets at the mall for $20. There are endless mistakes in the movie, too many to mention. One of the most laughable is the big tournament they play in Rio, where they play on a huge round table. Every time they go all in they practically throw their cheap chips into the pot so there is no way of knowing what the bet is. Then because the table is round the dealer can't even reach the chips to put them in the pot! I was not surprised the movie was junk. I just thought I would have it on in the background. There is a reason it is straight to video and no one bothered to rate it.Okay, so this move is not offensively bad like Battlefield Earth, but it is pretty damn bad. Low budget, poor quality, kinda like soft porn, without the porn. Very weird. If you want to watch a movie about poker give this one a miss. If you want to see some girls that can't act go on a completely unbelievable adventure during their summer vacation, and don't mind low budget crap, take a look at this movie. Otherwise you might just as well watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.


Honestly, I kinda enjoyed it. It's like one of those guilty pleasures like "Roadhouse" with Patrick Swayze. Okay, the girls aren't going to win any Oscars. But they were all hot and I'd take any one of them home to mommy. I thought the script was pretty good. It's unfortunate, but bad acting tends to make people think it's the writing. It's not in this case.One thing most people don't understand is that these movies have extremely low budgets, often times shooting an entire movie in ten or twelve days. I'm sure that's the case here, in which case it is amazing what they pulled off. Sometimes these guys have to shoot 10-12 pages a day, which is extremely daunting.A thumb and a half up!


This has to be one of the worst poker movies I've ever seen.I've played poker at low and high limits and in casinos and private games. The only accurate part of the game the director and screenwriters got right was the fact that we do indeed use cards to play hold'em.The ending was lame, not even slightly plausible.The lame montage that shows the lead character going to the ghetto to play hold'em was downright laughable.Oh, and the acting, in a word, horrible. I gave it a 2, because the director managed to remember to remove the lens cap before shooting.

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